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  • Hi Jeremy, I was just thinking you may want to put some gear oil in your rear end an give it a few turns to lube it up seeing as it was cleaned up so well the other night everything is pretty dry an you do not want it to start to rust.
    SOOOO.... Being at the inlaws, living out of abox basically for the last year has taken a toll, but I feel like things are rolling our way now. Ill see if i feel like that when we get the first mortgage payment next month. I am looking forward to getting out on some rides. I read the website and wish I wasnt working, or whatever it might be that has kept me off the trail.

    The new hardware will hopefully be a motivator. Need to get it on and get a winch.

    Did you get our xmas card? Im sure we sent you guys one?!? but it was crazy at our place.
    We want to see your card, so send it along if you have it stilll.


    see you around!
    Hi Jeremy, Yes it has been a crazy year for us. Last January we sold our home in Spanish Fork that you have been to a time or two, and moved in with the in-laws. Yahoo! We thought that it would only be a few month for us to find a new place with a bigger garage among other things. Well, after getting hosed on a couple of homes we tried to buy, we deicded to build. invested 6 months and $$$ for house plans, only to have the bank burst that dream (low apprasial values means the bank can loan even less...means we didnt build) Got back into the market, in Nov. found a place that we liked, and went for it. Spent December painting, carpeting and the like, and just moved in last week. Like it so far! We're in Woodland Hills which is close to where I grew up, 20 minutes from Provo. GOt a monster 3 car garage that seems like it is already full.
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