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  • Hey Kurt just sent an E to Jeff about any changes if any to the safety inspection forms. Asked him to send u a copy if there is a new form or we will go with the one from last year.
    Hi there, Daniel is going to bring you the axle for the cnt on the fj55 that we're building for my brother. I'll call you tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help. If you have any questions, please call me thanks' Rick 801-309-9296
    Parts are not too difficult, but you'll pay for them and often they have to be shipped from Canada, so expensive.

    Lots of small diesel shops here in town would have no problem working on the 13BT, its extremely simple and parts for that wouldn't be that difficult to find, again you'll have to order them.

    What do you have up your sleeve?

    I have a couple of questions.
    1- How hard is it to get 70 series parts, accessories here?
    2- As I know squat about diesel, is there someone locally that you know who can work on a 13BT ?
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