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  • Hey Micah, I was going through my tools an discovered that a couple of your wrenches had hid away in my tool box. Seems they wanted to elope with my files. Will return them as soon as I can pry them apart.
    Hi Micah, just touching bases with u about being able to get the gas portal from you if it is still possible :)
    Hi Micah! Are you still going down south this month? I am looking to go down on either the 14th or the 15th an come home on the 19th. Will not be taking the cruiser thought I want to save the gas for Cat Canyon in April.
    Hi MIchah, I saw on the new map that I purchased at the ranger station that there is another sink's loop road just about 5 miles N of Hwy 89 as you head back towards Logan. We can bring it up on Sat to the group an if we have time an people are up to it maybe we can swing into there for a look-see.
    Hi Micah, I am at the library for a bit. Looks like the phone is down until Wed when the parts come in.
    Hey Michah looks like we will have to skip PC but we can good up Lefthand to Cowley cy to Ephriams grave then we can go where ever as we find a good route to Pete Sink. What time can you meet me at the Chevron Station in Hyrum there at the mouth of Blacksmith Fork Cyn? My phone is still on the fritz but I think I can receive calls just can not see the screen to call out. Try to call me at 6pm today an I shall stay by the phone to see if it works. Other wise I shall check back here at the library to see if you have left a message about a meeting time. Am looking forward to a nice ride tomorrow.
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