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  • Hey Ryan, looks like the Bread Loaves group camp would work for us. Would u like me to put in reservation? $26.72/12ppl + $3.18/person over the 12 ppl. 4 tables 3 firerings and the bathroom is within stumbling distance.
    Hi Ryan, I hear u r in charge of the CoR trail ride again this yr. Just a thought if I may on the trail direction. CoR south through Grouse Creek for gas & ice cream, hit Lucin then a side trip to the Tunnels. Hit Wendover for gas & ice cream. What would the chance we could camp at the air field an get a tour on Wed. Thursday head for the Deep Creeks for camp and exploring. Friday of course we meet up with the other groups at Simpson Springs.
    Can we still pick up the latest tee shirts? There hasn't really been an update on that thread.
    Happy belated B-day! And thanks! I know have power to the PCM and my scanner is reading it as being there. No stored codes, but it's been disconnected a while. Still cranks w/o turning over. I hear the fuel pump, so I'll check for spark and power to the injectors and go from there. I'm guessing either a bad crank or cam position sensor, but I don't want to begin replacing things until check things out a little more. Any suggestions welcome.

    Thankks again for pointing me in the right direction.


    can you get a Sony DSX-S300BT or a Sony MEX-BT3800U and an install kit (?) for a ford ranger, vintage 1998? i'd rather buy through you than best buy...

    lemmie know!
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