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  • I’m a prospective member and I was looking at the trip you’re running in April and wanted to ask some questions about how the trips run. I have a stock ‘03 LX470 with all terrains and want to know if it can get by without getting chewed up. Also wanted to see what you all do for comms. I don’t have a ham or even walkie-talkies right now but I could probably sort out some hand heads for the trip.
    Also talking to my wife about her and the kids going. The girls are 5 and wouldn’t be able to handle an epic day in the saddle. I wanted to ask how the driving/stopping part of the run will likely go.
    If it’s easier to call, feel free to give me a ring at 509.956.8454. My name’s Joe Ryan. Thanks in advance!
    well, I installed the new petronix but I'm stumped as to what of all the weird wires that previosly were included in the rat nest on top of the coil need to stay and which can go. Any chance you could stop by and help me sort them out since you've been there and done that?
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