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Salamor the Seeker

Active member
Love the new forum, great job, every time I post a pic from my phone though it is rotated 90 degrees, any guesses why? Also, not that I am the best photographer but if I drop those photos on my laptop and post them the quality is always better than straight from the phone - not sure why if you have a suggestion.


Active member
Well done on the new forum! Though, what happened to the old classic emoji's like crazy johnny and rock throwing guy, sock guy, etc?

Scott Howe

It looks like my signature picture doesn't work anymore. Does anyone elses? Not a big deal, just curious.


So, my bookmark from the old site wasn't properly redirecting me to the new site. "wasatchcruisers.org" to "forum.wasatchcruisers.org" I hadn't checked in for a bit and I guess I forgot about the redesign but there obviously weren't any new posts on the old site. I just figured there wasn't much going on with all of us being locked away at home.

Seems like I wasn't the only one with that issue because Gary posted about not seeing anything new last night. I hadn't even considered a redirect issue until he said that and I remembered seeing pics on insta from yesterdays run.

Would it be worth adding a banner or something visible to the old site suggesting if anyone lands there to go to the other web address?

Anyway, sorry I haven't been around. Being real busy and the website issue have been the cause...

gary t

Big thanks to Nate. I thought there was no activity on the forum since the end of April. When I posted up on the old site, Nate illuminated me to try logging on again. Funny thing, I had the new format up until the end of April??? Thanks again Nate.