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Emmy, it's good to hear from you. Work has gotten busy and I have not been paying enough attention on Exp UT. I keep up with Wasatch Cruisers as I'm currently serving on our board and trying to help keep things scheduled and going. I was thinking March would be good for the Swell, I'll reach out to @backroadexplorer and see if he wants to cap his trail run so I can offer it up here if he is up for it. Either way I'll be in touch, maybe we can join you out there soon.

Anytime you want to explore the Swell, let me know. I've got a pretty flexible schedule. I don't really know the more technical routes since I'm usually out there by myself. But I do know lots of roads, cool camp spots and some neat places to visit. You can PM me here or on Exp UT. Are you going to do the run @backroadsexplorer is doing first weekend of March? Offroad FJ - Emmy from Exp UT
Hi George, Kurt mentioned the Supercharger you have for sale...
I'd love to chat about it if you have some time. Thanks! Johnny Lange 8012320937
I’m a prospective member and I was looking at the trip you’re running in April and wanted to ask some questions about how the trips run. I have a stock ‘03 LX470 with all terrains and want to know if it can get by without getting chewed up. Also wanted to see what you all do for comms. I don’t have a ham or even walkie-talkies right now but I could probably sort out some hand heads for the trip.
Also talking to my wife about her and the kids going. The girls are 5 and wouldn’t be able to handle an epic day in the saddle. I wanted to ask how the driving/stopping part of the run will likely go.
If it’s easier to call, feel free to give me a ring at 509.956.8454. My name’s Joe Ryan. Thanks in advance!
Hi Dave, I saw that you were looking for new wheels for your 80 and was wondering what you wanted for the center caps?
Trailboss Tom
Dave I believe in one of your posts you had a picture of your garage, and I thought i saw a heater in it. what heater do you have and what do you think of it? need one for my garage
Hi Scott. If you have a extra overnighter sticker that would be great. Hope all is well
2132 Fardown Ave Holladay ut 84121
A 27 year-old paddleboarder and surfer from Southern California and gave it all up for the love of the mountains. My life is flying, and flying is life -It's my passion and my job. Currently I'm a Corporate Pilot for JetSuite with lots of time off, and enjoy that time off outdoors. I own a TV which isn't plugged in because I'd rather be outside. I'm a pretty goofy dude who's not serious and brushes things off with laughter. Moved to Utah recently, and interested in meeting others with similar interests in the outdoors and their vehicles. Can't wait to get to know this group better and hear your stories :)
It's a generation 3, standard run of the mill Glock. I will take a picture tonight and send it to you. Very minimal wear.
Hello Mr Moody. I was curious about the glock 19 you are selling. Could you text me a pic of the setup please? Thanks Matt801 755 2020
I will hit him up and see what he has, thanks a bunch for the help and the pics!
Hey Will its Matt. Jake Smith in Heber has a 4spd tranny that may work for you. Give him a shot
435 640 2253
Good luck
I'll take your mirrors if you still have them I don't have any on my fj40 my internets being crappy you can call or text me at 8016691231 if you have them still
Hey Ryan, looks like the Bread Loaves group camp would work for us. Would u like me to put in reservation? $26.72/12ppl + $3.18/person over the 12 ppl. 4 tables 3 firerings and the bathroom is within stumbling distance.
Hi Ryan, I hear u r in charge of the CoR trail ride again this yr. Just a thought if I may on the trail direction. CoR south through Grouse Creek for gas & ice cream, hit Lucin then a side trip to the Tunnels. Hit Wendover for gas & ice cream. What would the chance we could camp at the air field an get a tour on Wed. Thursday head for the Deep Creeks for camp and exploring. Friday of course we meet up with the other groups at Simpson Springs.